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We are providing Domestic Money Transfer (DMT) that offers customers an easy, safe, secure, and instant way to send money with banking establishments. Our Money Transfer framework is a result of study and nonstop up-degree. Our DMT Service allow you NEFT and IMPS Transaction in Pan India .Our services are promptly accessible in our outlets and are broadly spread in different urban communities.

The most amazing thing about Domestic Money Remittance is that it is helpful for un- banked people too. They can also send money to their family members instantly.

DMT Distributor Services

  • Best Commission for Distributor and Retailers
  • Cash Deposit Facility available with HDFC BAnk
  • 24*7 Auto Billing
  • IMPS and NEFT Both Mode are available
  • Even without a bank account, you can make use of this service
  • Can be accessible beyond the banking hours
  • Available on Sundays and other public holidays too
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Objectives Of Domestic Money Transfer

The main purpose of introducing the DMT service is to help un-banked and under- banked people to send or transfer money. Most of the migrant workers from different states don’t have documents for KYC to open a bank account in their working city or town. We as a Money transfer API provider intended to help them instantly send money to their hometown. As banks are not open 24/7 so, people need to take leave from their work and waste many hours over there. Domestic money transfer is the solution for such issues. We are confident to make this service accessible to everyone in the country.

  • Best Commercial of Industry
  • Instant confirmation to remitter via SMS
  • Complete Branding in Web-portal and APP
  • Send money instantly
  • Safe and secure transaction
  • Remitters’ identification to be done using Mobile Number

Domestic Money Transfer API

Domestic Money Transfer API is a great way to generate additional revenue for website owners, SMEs and any other organization. Intelligent payment routing for minimum cost and maximum profit. Money transfer API allows your retailers to turn their shop into mini bank. Customers who need assistance for transferring money using cash can visit these retailer shops. Integrate with us to increase the growth of your business and that of your retailers. Money transfer api works for all bank who is accept IMPS/NEFT/AUTO, IMPS is most popular mode to transfer money any time even Bank Holiday Also

Best Success Rate

Transaction failures occur rarely with our services. We ensure that you get the best success rate for every transaction. We are as reliable as banks themselves.

Seamless Integration

JSON Based Money Transfer API. Easy To Integrate By Developer. Money Transfer API is well-documented & easy to understand. we provide 24x7 integration support.

Easy Cash Transfer

Your retailers can use this feature to let customers transfer money to any bank account by paying in cash.

Transaction Receipt

Retailers can print transaction-receipt with Bank UTR for their customers to give them a sense of safety.