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About Nidhi

Core Banking software for Nidhi Companies

Nidhi Company is a 'early-stage start up' Finance Business, a type of Non-Banking Finance Company. It's an easy way to enter the 'Finance Business' for young entrepreneurs and get the minimum requirements of Members and paid-up capital.

Nidhi Company has to operate under restrictions of geography, no. of branches, Loan/Deposit Products and Interest rates offered etc.

Nidhi company have minimum compliance reporting but have to strictly maintain the regulatory Ratios, only secured Loans, Loan Purposes, Loan Security, Maximum Deposit Amount.

TrustBankCBS for 'Nidhi Company' have pre-configured parameters complying with the business rules from regulators. AND we keep upgrading those parameters with continuous changes in the regulatory environment and business rules for Nidhi Companies.

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Solutions Offered


Savings Deposits, Term Deposits, Recurring Deposits with Interest Rates, Max allowed Deposit Amount, tenure complying to regulatory requirements.


Members Registration, Member Shares Management, Paid-up share capital.


Secured Term Loans, Commercial Vehicle Loans complying to regulatory requirements.

Financial Accounting

General Ledger, Financial Accounting, Financial Statements and exhaustive MIS.

Loan Origination

Loan Origination with Document Management for Loans.

Compliances & Reporting

Statutory Compliance Ratios and Reports.


Key Features

Different Key Features of TrustBankCBS For Nidhi Comp.

  • Browser based Application
  • Maker-Checker Workflow
  • Easy-to-use, User Friendly UI
  • Economical Solution.
  • Graphical Analysis, Dashboards.
  • SaaS Model
  • Pre-configured work-flow
  • Low Bandwidth Requirement
  • Latest Technology
  • Innovative Solution