Payout API

Simple, Reliable Payouts that Scale with your Business

  • With Our Payout API merchants can easily settle payments to multiple bank accounts.
  • Merchant gets access to Real-time Transaction reports.
  • Payout has 3 Inclusive APIs for Adding Beneficiary, Payout processing and Payout Enquiry.
  • Easy API Integration, gives merchants a complete payout solution for vendors, customers, and partners.
  • Make Payments thought NEFT , RTGS, IMPS , UPI, PPI Wallet
  • Easily call the Payout API as and when or to schedule payouts.
  • A token-based API access system for enhanced security.
  • Initiate ecommerce refunds, send vendor payments, distribute game winnings and much more with Payouts
  • Opt for Instant Payouts and free yourself from transferring salaries one by one every month.
  • Simplify the process of paying your vendors and business partners on time, with bulk payouts.

Easy To Integration For Developers

  • Just pass some parameters and payout will made to defined Bank Account/VPA in Realtime

  • Encryption/Decryption functions defined in source codes. Make your platform and payments secure with Encryption/Decryption

  • Best support for integration